28 oktober 2009

Yeah 20 followers!!

After 22 days & 9 bloggies I reached the 20 followers!
Up to the 2000 ;-)
Thank you all for following en leaving messages, I really appreciate it!
I'm thinking of a way to thank my followers, not sure how yet... but I'll let you know!!

Now something else...
I'm really busy at the moment, cuz of some exams at school this week (I won't bore you with it =D)
Besides that I have to finish some paperwork for my insurance cuz we had a fire in our house on a night in March...
(Thank god for the smoke detectors, or else I wouldn't be blogging right now ;-D )
I know.. Long time ago, but we are still not ready =S
I hope it's finished before Christmas, so we can start a fresh new year!

Now I know this isn't new, but I still luv it!


I'll try to blog between the exams..


25 oktober 2009


I love Lady Gaga's Paparazzi clip & her look!
Today I tried the 'Gaga look' myself, with the lips & glasses.
Although the 'lips' are really cool on Lady Gaga...
I think I'm only gonna wear it on these pictures =D

And some normal pictures...
This might be my dress for Christmas,
but then again I already got 4 other dresses for Christmas
and it wouldn't be strange if I bought another 4 dresses... ;)

Wearing: dress roses - black tights - black patent belt - black patent pumps - black necklace as bracelet

Sorry, I'm having trouble with my pictures/lay-out!
Thank you for all your comments, really appreciate it!


19 oktober 2009

Studded Saturday

Saturday I went to two birthday parties,
this was my outfit...

White studded tee - Black leather shoulderpadded blazer - Blue ice washed jegging -Black leather studded boots - Black studded bag - red lipstick

Today I bought a new pair of ice washed jeans and a grey jegging

People are wondering where I bought the jeggings & jeans, so here are the brands & prices...

Blue ice washed jegging (outfit): Primark, € 15

Ice washed jeans (left on the photo): Just female, € 70

Grey Jegging (right): Circle of trust, € 50


17 oktober 2009

Shopblog & Outfit

I finally received my H&M package after waiting for almost 2 months! I'll probably sent it all back cuz I don't like it anymore or I already bought it in the stores...
Some items were worth waiting, but didn't fit... Now I have to wait again, hopefully not 2 months this time!
I also did some shopping this week, you can see the pictures below...

But first an outfit from a couple of days ago

I think curls are beautiful, but I have very straight hair... So if I want to have curls, I have to work for it and they're all gone after 1 or 2 hours =(

The saleswoman started to scan the bags and asked me if I was a bag freak...

I said: "I'm an overall freak."

(Concerning clothing, shoes and accesoires of course =P)

15 oktober 2009

Alexander McQueens version of Waterworld

Yesterday I read one of my favorite magazines (Glamour) and I saw these shoes of Alexander McQueen:

The SS2010 collection was a statement about the future of our world. Here are some other pictures as well...

The shoes on top have the form of crab scissors!
I think they're fab! Not for wearing but as art...
Would you wear them?

11 oktober 2009

One night out...

Last night I went out with my friends, we had a lot of fun!
This was my outfit:

I bought the white sheer tee 3 or 4 sizes larger than my own size, so I could wear it like a T-shirt dress...

Wearing: White sheer tee - black top - Black leather legging with zipper - black necklaces - black studded belt - grey/purple checked flats - black fringe bag

8 oktober 2009

Thursday Shopday

I'm studying in Amsterdam and every Thursday after class I go shopping...
so today was shopday, the best day in the week =D
I can't just shop for only one hour...
No I have to shop all the time I have, until the stores close...
So my outfit wasn't very special, but comfortable for shopping though!
Today's Outfit

grey T-shirt - black 'cut-out' top - black vest - blue ripped baggy jeans - grey & purple checked flats

So today I did some shopping and usually when I come home I show my new things to my mother or somebody else. Then I go upstairs and throw my bags in a corner on my room or on the couch and leave it there for a day or two... Sometimes a week... Just a habit. Today I also wanted to do that, but suddenly I saw that my couch had been taken in by 3 bags! In the bags I discovered my purchases of 1,5 month ago =S Shame on me

What I shopped today

black studded bag ZARA - Black flatjes - necklaces - suede studded boots - ChloƩ knock-off black leather studded boots Sacha

Wolves jumper - dress

Black & White studded T-shirts - One shoulder black leather & sequin dress

Purple patent leather jacket - Black shoulderpadded leather jacket

Black leather winterjacket

Pink hat - pink gloves (snowboard) - brown 2in1 leather belt - purple sheer shawl

Content of 1 of the forgotten bags: H&M

Fake fur collar - fake fur waistcoat - Black sequin waistcoat

You are probably wondering why the hell I bought two of the same boots... I wasn't sure about the size, so I took both and sold one pair.
I'm not so sure about the purple patent leather jacket, I actually think I don't like it anymore...
The schoulderpadded leather jacket doesn't look great on the picture, but it really is!
Now I'm off... to my lovely bed =D

6 oktober 2009

My (good) old frenemies...

Today I found a pair of heels which I haven't worn for 2 years now
& today I found out why I never wear them...
cuz they are killing my feet!
A picture of the little bastards & today's outfit:

& one with a hat:

Now I'm off to see the new Gossip Girl & 90210, my favourites...


PS: Thnx 4 the messages!

Flower jacket - black T-shirt - grey jegging - black patent heels - black hat

5 oktober 2009


Today's Outfit:

It's my first blog, so I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna take pictures of my total outfit =D

It was also my first time I won an item on Ebay....

Tadaa I finally got the Topshop multi panel bodycon skirt!

Wearing: black sequin jacket - white shirt - iced washed jegging - black patent heels