25 december 2009


I wish you all a merry christmas, hope you still fit your clothes after these days ;-D

23 december 2009


Traffic chaos in the Netherlands, but we still have snow =D

The pictures are a little blurry, this time is not my camera but tinypic or blogspot...
For the peepz who are wondering if I'm not freezing: nope I layered well, even with the tights =D

Pink blazer: Topshop
Black dress: H&M
Black heart tights: Ebay (very bad quality btw)
Black suede overknee boots: Primark
Jewelry: pistol necklace DIY, rings Zoppini & Fashionology.nl

Some new buys...

Heart tights: ebay
Blue blazer: Ralph Lauren
Black zipper sweater: ebay
Pink skirt: Topshop
Off white blazer: Savannah
Black studded heels: Primark
The off white blazer looks terrible on me (because of my hair colour) =(
I'll see if I can dye it or I'll sell it @ Shop Nicotine (starts the first week of January)


21 december 2009


Isabel Lucas, Rihanna, Daisy Lowe, Courtney Love, Taylor Momsen

These pictures made me think of a nice summer holiday in Italy...
Where the woman on the right is waiting for a monsieur to take her out to a good restaurant and club!!
Hmmm I can't wait for the summer to begin, although I'll probably go surfing this summer...
I bought a new camera today, so the day after tomorrow a new outfit post!!

17 december 2009


I prefer the summer, because I dislike freezing, rain & wind... winter!! But I do like snow =D
Next week I'm heading to Austria for some snowboarding!! I'm going to a new park in Brandnertal -never heard of it!- hope there is some apres-ski there!!

After taking pictures today my camera broke AGAIN, I'm getting so sick & tired of this thing, anybody with the same problems with the Casio exilim Z-75?? I think I'll buy a new one, any suggestions?

Today's outfit:

Just like a child in the snow =D

Grey top/dress: Phard
Black leather legging: Super Trash
Black suede wedges: H&M
Feather clutch: Asos
Jewelry: DIY, Zoppini & fashionology.nl
Leopard socks: H&M (for those who want to know =D)
Green & red nailpolish: Forever21 & Max Factor

Chip and Dale asked me some questions & for those who'd like to know here are the answers:

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get inspiration from almost everything; internet, fashion magazines, fashion shows, blogs, films & series, street, (old) photographs & art… and so on! I can also get an 'inspiration' all of a sudden or dream about it haha!

Why did you start bloggin?
I liked to visit fashion blogs like fashiontoast and Lisaplace. And at one moment I wanted to begin one myself to share my outfits with others & to see what they think of it…

Rather internet or magazines?
Internet! Internet is faster, extensive and has more possibilities! I still buy fashion magazines though…I love them!!

Who is your icon?
I don't have a big icon. But my favorite style icons are: Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, Kate Moss, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Daisy Lowe, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie & Lindsay Lohan!

How do you describe your style?
@ The moment rock chic with a feminine touch. If I could pick my teenager period I would choose the eighties, every year you see a trend that's 80's-inspired!

How did you manage to get readers for your blog?
I posted a message on ellegirl forum and that was the start. Besides that I post my outfits on chictopia & there is a link to my blog…

Do you want to have a career in fashion later? If you do wich study or direction?
I'd loved to! As I mentioned before I already studied fashion for one year; everything went well, good grades and I loved it, but I was fearful for the little security and future in this profession and decided to study Accountancy co-op (auditor/chartered accountant). Now I'm thinking of picking up a Fashion study again (after graduation) in the direction of design & styling.



14 december 2009


I started this blog 2 months ago and never expected it would grow this fast!!
I decided to give you readers something back as a thank you for following/commenting.
You can choose between these 3 items:

- The giveaway is open for every follower in the world.
- You can follow through bloglovin, RSS/Google Friend Connect or a blogroll on your blog.
- You can increase your chances (+2 entries) by featuring this giveaway on your own blog. Please mention this as well in your comment.
- The giveaway closes on 5th January 2010.
- The winner will be chosen by random.org

- Simply drop a comment telling me what you like, dislike or miss on my blog.
- Mention your name and email address / blog url. (In order to contact the winner)
- Mention the item you would like to win.
- Mention how you are following my blog.
- If you featured this giveaway on your blog leave a link to the blogpost.

I hope you like it & good luck to all the participants!!

7 december 2009


Today's outfit
White sheer tee, grey vest & leopard scarf: H&M
Black jeans: Diesel
Black studded boots: Sacha

There is an award trend going on here =D
I received the Beautiful Blogger Award from
All about the style, thank you very much girl!!

7 facts about me:
1. I found a new addiction: the game Wie Is Het?
Now nobody wants to play that game with me again, because I always win =D
(English: Who Is It? Don't know if you know that game?!)
2. My favourite drink is Malibu Fanta (orange)
3. I talk & sometimes even sing in my sleep =S
4. Last summer I went to the USA (L.A., Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and more) for the first time in my life & I loved it!!
(Still need to go back for NY, Miami... and the rest of America =D)
5. I love to go out with my friends! Especially to nightclubs with some good house music...
6. In the summer of 2007 I was a propaganda (propper) for a few nightclubs in Calella, Spain. Great experience, too bad it wasn't Ibiza though...
7. Lately I'm wearing a lot of grey, black & white... While I actually have a lot of colour in my closets

I want to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers:
vilag tol delina, stijlkind, make the ordinary extraordinary, Fesi Fashion, This chick's got style, Mode d'amour & a girl who responded at almost all my posts: Lost at 11

BTW: I have an idea for the giveaway, hopefully I can start it this week (still waiting for an answer) and if not... I have a plan B =D


UThis is a dutch book and movie, the english version of the book is called: Love Life by Ray Kluun.
I'm gonna do this post in dutch, because I don't think a lot of international readers know this book...
But if you do, you can translate this text @ http://www.freetranslation.com/ & respond to it ;)

BTW tonight I'll post an outfit & respond to all your sweet messages!!

Afgelopen zomer had ik dit boek gekocht op aanraden van mijn vriendinnen en familie. Ik las echt nooit boeken voor mijn plezier & beschouwde de Glamour als mijn maandelijkse literatuur. Dit zou mijn eerste boek worden! Het begon goed... na een paar bladzijden te hebben gelezen ben ik gestopt om me toch maar op een paar fashion magazines te storten, echt een doorzettertje ;-)
2 weken geleden ben ik weer begonnen met lezen en heb ik het in één dag uitgelezen, ik heb nog nooit zo gehuild van een boek/film!! Ik was ook ontzettend kwaad tijdens & na het lezen; ik vond Stijn zo'n ontzettende eikel & ik had zoveel medelijden met Carmen & Luna!!
Afgelopen zaterdag ben ik met 2 vriendinnen naar de film geweest; het was een rollercoaster van emoties!! We moesten alledrie vaak huilen en als we elkaar dan aankeken kregen we de slappe lach, die we niet gemakkelijk konden stoppen haha... (valt me mee dat we geen popcorn naar onze hoofden gesmeten kregen ;D) De film is echt een aanrader!! Door het vele huilen en lachen/huilen niet echt (first)date proof BTW...Er zijn wel stukken weggelaten of veranderd, dus ik zou voordat je naar de film gaat echt eerst het boek lezen! Ik vind ook dat de acteurs de rollen echt heel goed hebben neergezet! Carice van Houten vond ik al goed, maar ik was nu vooral onder de indruk van Barry Atsma!!
Anyways go check it out yourself, ben benieuwd wat jullie ervan vinden!!

2 december 2009


I saw these beautiful boots and had to share them with you!!
J'adore the first one!! They're both Rick Owens...

If Saint Nicholas really would exist, I'm sure he would give them to me =D
Unfortunately he doesn't...Because I have to buy presents & make poems myself for other peepz
Buying presents isn't so hard, but writing poems without inspiration is!
If I had to write poems for clothing, shoes or jewelry, I would be ready in a few minutes =D

Speaking of jewelry; I bought myself some @ http://fashionology.nl/
(Actually a present from my parents for Saint Nicholas, they were suprised that I didn't choose something more expensive)

I have received an award from LOOK10, thank you very much vicen!

And thank you to Kathleen @ Hot Panic for giving me the "Awesome Blogger" award.
Here are 7 new things about me:

1. I study Accountancy co-op (Accountancy duaal), I'm in my final year now...
2. Before this I studied Fashion, but I quit... because I thought it was too easy & I was afraid I couldn't get a job after graduation or end up as a designer for Zeeman...
3. I regret this choice everyday now!! I'm actually thinking of picking up a Fashion study again (after graduation)!!
4. I'm out of space for my clothing & shoes... That's why my parents want me to stop shopping =S
5. That's not an option for me, so I'm secretly sneaking my new buys into my room...
6. I'm obsessed with tiny, cute & pink things... and shopping of course!
7. None of my friends or family know about this blog and I'd like to keep it this way, because I don't think they would understand why I take pictures of my clothes =D