26 januari 2010



Blue blazer: Ralph Lauren
Black & white striped tee & black ankle boots: H&M
Leather leggings: Super Trash

There is a new giveaway coming up!! This time it's sponsored by CSN Stores which is not only a great source for bags, shoes and modern spaces, but also a fine source for bar stools!


23 januari 2010


I wanted to make pictures of my outfit, but it was raining =(
So hopefully I can do it monday after my exam...
Thursday is my last exam, I hope I have more time to blog after that!
I made some pictures of items that are for sale @ Shop Nicotine

You can buy the items here!!

I received my 4th award, the 'Irresistible Blog' Award, from Chasing Cherries! Thank you chick!

Another seven facts about me:

1. I went shopping after my last exam, because I screwed it up! (See picture)
2. I went to see Avatar in 3d with two of my friends after shopping. I loved the movie, which I didn't expect because I usely dislike alien/fake movies and I only went because it was in 3d!! My friends didn't like it though...
3. I lost the count of my shoes... Actually I lost the count of everything!!
4. One of my friends moved to Barcelona indefinitely.. And I'm going to visit her there with two other friends.. Yeah shopping! Yeah clubbing! Can't wait!!
5. I have one tattoo, a little star on my wrist... Unfortunately a few years later there was a star tattoos hype and everybody got a star tattoo!! I have two other little tattoos in mind, but I'm afraid the same thing will happen again.
6. Comptine d'un autre été gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!
7. I love Disney movies!! My favourites are The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the beast, Aladdin & Jungle book.

new buys

Black & gold boots, blue dress, black velvet legging, violet nailpolish, floral harem pants, snakelegging: H&M

ripped denim skirt, purple leather bag, black & white shirts: Zara

Skirt with print: River Island

Peace sign necklace: -no brand-


16 januari 2010


A while ago I received 2 requests; M. asked me if I could make an outfit with the black divided exclusive shoes and C. asked me the same thing for (faux) fur. I combined the 2 requests in 1 outfit and here is the result...

Black faux fur coat: H&M
Black & white dress: H&M
Black suede & patent heels: H&M divided exclusive

Enjoy your weekend!!

14 januari 2010


Could you please help me out?! I joined this contest called MISS I LOVE FASHION NEWS 2010 and I started a day later than the other competitors. So I really need your vote! Besides me being thankful, voters can also win a scooter =D
Please vote HERE!!

Hmm it kinda feels like I'm spamming my own blog haha...

Now something else...
Jessi started a new concept for her blog; making drawings of bloggers who inspire her...
And this drawing of me is the first, how cool!! Thank you very much girl!!
What do you think? I think she is really talented, you can check out more drawings on her blog!!

12 januari 2010


Denim shirt - H&M
Girls in glasses T-shirt - Danny Roberts
Black snake legging - Lemon
Jewelry - Zoppini & www.fashionology.nl
Black leather bikerjacket - Only Black scarf - H&M men

The results of last thursday

Leather look pants - Zara
Leather sweater - Episode € 22
Grey snake leather bag - Episode € 30
Brown croc leather bag - Episode € 35
Glasses - Episode € 10

I think the vintage stores had some hot items, but sometimes they were way too expensive! Especially Laura Dolls shocked me; I saw some damaged shoes and bags for € 40 and € 30, and by damaged I don't mean a few little scratches! Ridiculous! What do you think of the vintage prices/stores?

Yeah! I received my 3rd award from LOVE.LIFE.FASHION, thank you very much girl!

7 new facts

1. I WANT SUMMER!! Laying on a white beach, a clear blue sea, a cosmopolitan in my right hand, no cigarette in my left hand, my bf tickling my back... -waking up-

2. First I have to loose 3kg/6.6 pound (tips are welcome!)

3. But I'm to lazy to go to the gym and I love fa(s)t food... Bad, bad, bad habits!

4. I miss watching gossip girl & 90210!!

5. I love Italian food..

6. I have a cockroach phobia, I know they don't do anything but I freak out when I see them or when I think I see them... Luckily we don't have them here, but on holidays I have to check the whole house/appartment/hotelroom before I go to sleep. I put towels in front of doors and cover my face so they can't go into my mouth or ears... If I fall asleep.

7. I save price tags of the clothes I bought... and I really don't know why!!


10 januari 2010


Your number came out at random.org!!
Congratz you have won the cross chain earrings!!

Please contact me @ fashionnicotine@gmail.com

Thank you all for the sweet messages and tips!!
Maybe you'll win next time ;-)


5 januari 2010


Thursday I'm going to Amsterdam for some shopping... hopefully I'll find some gorgeous things!
I've always disliked sale, but since last year I'm starting to like it...
We're going to the 9 straatjes (vintage stores), but I hope we have time for Zara!!
BTW I seriously don't know if vintage stores also have sale, shame on me haha!

The results of some quick shopping after school...

Red blazer: Classique Entier
Acid washed studded denim skirt + jeans: Zara
Leopard top: Only
Snake heels: Graceland

First items for sale @ Shop Nicotine , check it out!


I made a twitter account today, so if you're interested you can also follow me on Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/fashionnicotine



First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 everybody!! Hope you all had a wonderful night!!
I'm back from snowboarding in Austria!! It was ganz toll, we had a beautiful new apartment with 2 bathrooms and even a sauna & sunbed (only used it once though, it's too hot for me!!)
Unfortunately there didn't fall any snow except for the day we left =S
So the pistes weren't so good; a lot of ice, dirty melted snow and mud =(
Probably also the reason for a lot of accidents, I saw so many this year!!

My little brother & me with our prices...

Drinking some hot chocolate mit Sahne =D

@ mountain

Pink hat & gloves: Barts, blue & grey jacket: Diesel, pink pully: H&M, Black ski pants: O'neill, black storm glasses: Uvex

Now I'm going to respond to all your sweet messages, but I don't know exactly where I stopped before I left. So please forgive me =D