30 maart 2010


I was honored to be chosen by LVC Magazine as one of their 10 finalists for Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway. The prize is a $ 1,000 gift card to Bloomingdales and of course I'd love to win that prize =)

I need your help with that, I would really appreciate it if you want to vote HERE.Voting will end today. If you already voted, thank you very much!!

Xx. Natascha

29 maart 2010


A while ago I was contacted by Vincenzo Annunziata about the first Ralph Lauren online fashion show. Ralph Lauren is giving us a virtual frontrow experience to view the Spring 2010 Collection. Further challenging the traditional format of fashion shows by taking runway to the internet, this innovative digital platform offers a new dimension to fashion by adding virtual elements of energy, movement and style that elevate the Lauren brand to a new level.

I saw the show and it looked good, I really like the blazer and the top from this look.

You can see the collection HERE.

25 maart 2010


I'm back from my trip to Barcelona!! Another city to love, I miss it so badly!! I had so much fun, wish I was clubbing in Opium, Sutton or Sotavento right now!! I'll make a post about it when I have all the pictures... We didn't make many pictures though, to busy having fun =)

Right before I left I made some pictures of my outfit, but I didn't have time to make a post...

I'm wearing a grey snake blazer from Primark, a white sheer tee from H&M, a black leather legging from Supertrash, black suede wedges from Zara, a hammered knuckle ring from fashionology.nl, a snake ring from Ebay and a lavender snake leather bag from Zara.


18 maart 2010


I'm going to Barcelona for some serious shopping, clubbing and other things =)

I'll return on March 23th...


16 maart 2010



I got these LUSH goodies from my bf, the're so nice. I tried the pink Sex Bomb bath bomb and the water turned competely pink and it smelled like roses. So nice!


(Shiseido Pureness moisturizing gel cream € 38,35 Shiseido Pureness cleansing € 25,55 Tweezerman € 30,95)

I love the Shiseido pureness moisturizing gel cream, it feels so good on your skin!! It feels really smooth and soft.

Nothing special about the Tweezerman, I just liked this edition =)


(Valeur Absolue Quartz Rose parfum 45 ml. € 78,-)

I love, love, love this parfum. I don't like parfums, I think most of them just stink... Always hard to find a good one!!
This is the first time I'm completely blown away by a parfum. I't smells so good, I can't stop smelling myself haha!!


My bf made me some sushi, it was so good!! Yummy!!


12 maart 2010


I'm wearing a cream ripped knit and black ankleboots from ASOS, a black top from Indian Rose, a black leather jacket from H&M divided exclusive, a grey jegging from Pieces and a faux fur vest from H&M.

I've actually never worn the ripped top and the faux fur vest, so it was about time since winter is almost over... at least I hope so =)
Enjoy your weekend!!
Next week I'm going to BARCELONA!! I can't wait!! Tips are welcome =D


11 maart 2010


Congratulations!! CSN has contacted you about it.

For those who didn't win, you can always get the items here =)


9 maart 2010


Fiona Paxton, Alice + Olivia via Saks fifth Avenue

I was actually looking for something else, but I came across these gorgeous necklaces and had to share it with you!
Do you love it too??


6 maart 2010


Yesterday I had a dinner date with my bf. We went to Vuur in Baarn, great food and service!! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me, but I did manage to take some outfit pictures...

I'm wearing a blue wrapped skirt from vero moda, sheer white H&M singlet, black shoulderpadded leather blazer from Oasis, black suede Zara wedges, black heart tights, peace sign necklace and some rings.

This was also my outfit for the ILFN afterparty...
But there was no party after the show haha!!

I'm going out with my friends now, have a nice weekend!!

2 maart 2010


Bought some new bracelets, absolutely my last stud/spike buys for this season...
Do you still like studs or spikes??
Cuz I'm actually bored already..