27 april 2010


This military dress was one of my buys from Barcelona...
It's actually a top, but all the small sizes were already gone!
I had to have it, so I bought a large size and now I wear it as a dress =)

I'm wearing a black leather jacket from muu:baa, a military dress from ZARA, black mock sock tights from Henry Holland and black ankle boots from H&M.

This friday we have Queensday in Holland, so for the dutchies;
Al wilde plannen voor koninginnenacht / -dag?


17 april 2010


Finally a post about my trip to Barcelona!!
I had such a great time there, I wanted to run back when I got home!! I still miss the clubbing, shopping & eating!!

There are like a zillion ZARA stores in Barcelona, so most of my new items are from ZARA.. But I didn't buy that much, because I didn't have much space left =(
I noticed that the clothes are much cheaper and still available in Spain, so unfair ;-)
Of course I had to go to Topshop, but the items in the store were so different than the ones at Topshop's site (not in a good way)!
I loved the clubs in Barcelona!! They reminded me of Dreamers in Puerto Banus / Marbella where I had such a great time in the summer of 2008!! On Thursday we went to a cocktailbar with weird but good cocktails and after that we went to club Sutton, I loved the atmosphere and music in that club!! On friday we had a houseparty at my friends student apartment, when we arrived most students there were drunk already..
After some delicious Cava we went to club Opium, this club looked nice and I also had a great time there but I rather had the DJ from Sutton playing =)
On saturday I felt so sick, but I had to go out, so I forced my body to listen and I went haha..
We went to Sotavento, that was the most beautiful club and it had the best music... only the atmosphere was missing somehow. Such a shame, because else it would absolutely have been the best club I've seen in Barcelona!! Later that night we went to Shoko and Opium.
On sunday we went to a weird sangria bar and on monday we didn't go anywhere because we had to get up very early for our plane! So we missed The Chupito (shot) bar =(
If you're gonna go clubbing in Barcelona, use the code Shaz to get in the clubs for free. You can check it out here: Shaz Guestlist

I loved the food!! I miss the patatas bravas and the cava, they were my favourite food and drink in Barcelona..

Of course we also did some sightseeing.. We went to the beach, Ramblas, Park Guell, La Sagrada Familia and the fountains but they were closed that night =S


13 april 2010


This trenchcoat is one of my buys from Barcelona. At first I prefered the other colour but that was an absolut no-go with my hair colour unfortunately, but now I love this colour!!

Speaking of Barcelona, I still haven't got all the pictures but this week I'm making a post about it anyway..

I'm wearing a trenchcoat from Zara, a sheer white tee and black striped tights from H&M, a DIY black high waisted skirt, black sunglasses from KISS, a vintage heart necklace, gold watch, bracelets from Ti Sento & Dyrberg/Kern, a black onyx ring from Zoppini & a silver knuckle ring from fashionology.nl


12 april 2010


My sweet bf got me some bracelets... All by himself ;-)

Love them!

A turtle motif from Ti Sento
& a reptile print from Dyrberg/Kern


9 april 2010

H&M FAA 2010.

Festival Fever.

Last year celebrities designed t-shirts for the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection. This year the collection is designed by the Divided designteam and it's completely different!
I already spotted some hot items in the H&M FAA collection...

H&M FAA campaign will be launched on May 20, 2010.
I can't wait!!

BTW did you know Monki is coming to the Netherlands, Amsterdam? Isn't that great?!

6 april 2010


I'm wearing a light denim blouse from Zara, a DIY ripped jegging, black peeptoes from River Island, red and white polkadot socks, black sunnies and a black belt.

I also received the 'Sunshine Award' from Tessa last week, thank you girl!!

I used to dislike double denim -and I still do when the combination doesn't feel right-
However since I've seen it pulled off correctly I think it can be pretty hot!!
So I'm curious; do you like or dislike the double denim trend?


3 april 2010


I'm going to Egmond aan Zee for the weekend...
I made outfit pictures but didn't have time to make a post, so when I return on monday I'll post it.

Enjoy your weekend / Easter!!

Xx. Fashion Nicotine