29 mei 2010


My exams started last week, I had one oral exam on the same day of my third wedding... So I had to rush to Amsterdam, make the exam and rush back to my home and change...
Because I was already way too late I had the chance to make some pictures, I'll show you soon!

This week is TEW, Terror Exam Week! I have an exam every day and on Tuesday I have an exam that lasts 7.5 hours! Who invents such things?

1 down, 13 more to go!! I want to skip this month!!

I'm wearing the red rose jacket from H&M The Garden Collection, a black and white striped t-shirt and black suede wedges from Zara, a black tregging from H&M, turquoise 2-finger cross ring form Nasty Gal and a gold Casio watch.

Enjoy your weekend!!


25 mei 2010




21 mei 2010


Here some pictures in the sun =)
... that ruined a lot of pictures =(

Jersey trousers: Vila via ASOS
Floral Bustier: H&M The Garden Collection
Black leather blazer: Oasis
Black heels: H&M
Rings: Zoppini & Nasty Gal

I bought these trousers a while ago via ASOS, but I didn't like them as much as I expected... So when I bought the perfect joggers at ZARA, I immediately sold this one!! The zara joggers are more 'me', but all the pictures failed..
So one last shoot with these trousers and than goodbye forever!!


P.S. Tonight is ILFN's Birthday Bash @ Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam). Are you going?
I'm not sure yet, I got an invite but since I'm gonna be home late from work tonight I don't think I can make it...

18 mei 2010


I can only say... WOW!! Fantastic jewelry!!


15 mei 2010


Where is the sun?? Cuz it ain't here in The Netherlands!! It has been very cold for May so far =(
No change to wear any summer outfits, while I bought a lot of summer items the last few weeks. Last Monday I also went shopping, I had to buy one thing but I came back with 11 items... Yeah I just can't control myself when it comes to shopping.
If you follow me on twitter you could have seen some of my new items =)

I'm wearing a leopard coat & a sheer black shirt from H&M, a DIY ripped blue jegging, tan wedges from Zara, a vintage heart necklace, a Casio watch and some other jewelry.

9 mei 2010


Just bought this ring at one of my favourite online stores... NASTY GAL

Turquoise beaded cross ring - NASTY GAL

Now I've to run for a dinnerparty, enjoy your weekend!!


5 mei 2010


I have 3 weddings in 3 weeks and none of my outfits are complete yet =S
I'm still waiting for 2 dresses and one pair of shoes!!

One of the dresses I'm still waiting for is this vintage blue ruffled dress...
2 weeks ago I woke up at 4.10 in the morning to get it and after a real bidding war I had to pay $ 174 for... a vintage dress!! I just had to have this dress for wedding numero 2, so if it doesn't arrive on time you can imagine I'll be extremely pissed!!

So what do you think, was this vintage dress worth the trouble and the money??

If it was a new dress I wouldn't mind at all, but since it's vintage... I just don't know... It's has to be in an extremely good condition!! Well, at least I'm sure no one else will wear this dress... if it arrives on time =D


1 mei 2010


Black leather zipper flats - Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday my train had so much delay that I missed my class!So I went shopping and I bought these flats from Jeffrey Campbell. I also bought some stuff at H&M, Zara & River Island...
While I was at River Island, I ran into Nina from Chasing Cherries in the dressing rooms! What a coincidence!

Enjoy your weekend!