24 juli 2010


No time for a lot of words, I'm packing my bags for my trip to Sardinia (Italy) at the moment!!
So I'm leaving you with a lot of pictures, because the next post will probably be later next week..

You can also find me on StyleCaster from now on =)

23 juli 2010


Packing my bags for Sardinia (Italy)!!

Enjoy your holiday!!

20 juli 2010


 Last Thursday I went clubbing in Amsterdam with 2 of my friends.
First we went to Escape, but it was really empty & boring, so after a while we left...
On the haunt for a great party, we went to several places but they all sucked at that moment =(
Eventually we ended up in Club AIR, which was actually quite nice.. only the card system is very irritating in my opinion, I just wanna pay cash =)
Our jackets were still in Escape, so we had to go back and get them.. but we didn't return to Club AIR, because all of a sudden Escape rocked!! So we stayed there and had a great time...

Pretty tired face!! Didn't get any sleep the night before, a mosquito was keeping me up all night =S

I'll post some pictures of my outfit later today..

14 juli 2010



12 juli 2010


Some of my outfits for the World Cup games Holland played...


What a loss.. and so not fair!!
The foreign media are not enthusiastic about the Dutch national team. They talk about shame fouls.
Well excuse me, both sides committed fouls!! Didn't they see that the Spanish team were rolling on the ground all the time for just nothing, just to get the Dutch team yellow cards. Sometimes they made the same fouls as the Dutch team, but they didn't get a yellow card for it... while the Dutch did get it. Of course some yellow cards were right and the way Nigel de Jong kicked Xabi Alonso was nasty that should have been a red card, but how ridiculous was the yellow card for Arjen Robben? And why yellow for the Dutch team and not for the Spanish team, with the same fouls?! Why didn't Andres Iniesta get red for the extra kicking on Mark van Bommel? And what about Fernando Torres and Puyol?! And why the hell didn't Webb whistle for going on with the game while it was obviously offside before Spain made that goal!! If referee Webb had been fair, there hadn't been a goal for Spain. It's insane that something like this is allowed in the World Cup Final, I think the title was deprived from us this way.

The Spanish radio Cadena SER about the Dutch team: "Foul play". Yeah like the Spanish team was all about the fair play =S Come on the Spanish team played just as dirty as the Dutch team!!

However Spain doesn't piss me off, but referee Webb does!!


"This is bitter, that by a mistake by the referee we didn't get to the penalty range."
"I am convinced that penalties had met when he was whistled for that corner. But it's done now. " - Joris Mathijsen

"Iniesta should have gotten a red card for the extra kicking, it was a pure corner and it was offside prior to the goal from Spain. In one minute, the game was decided that way. " - Wesley Sneijder

"An incredible decision." - Nigel de Jong

"Even a blind man could have seen it" - Maarten Stekelenburg

"A disgrace" - Arjen Robben

"The referee played a crucial role." - Eljero Elia

The Spain coach said: 'I should congratulate our opponents. They made it very difficult for us to play comfortably. I'm here to speak about the beautiful things in football. Holland played a good game. It was very intense, balanced and even. It was rough at times, but that's part of football.' (via Dailymail)

"Holland coach Bert van Marwijk was ASTONISHINGLY CORRECT Y
The referee was totally biased towards Spain, which was obvious. As I predicted Spain fell over every time the Dutch tackled. I've seen skittles that stay up better than the Spanish. Every time the Spanish fell over and saw the ref come over they were on their feet within seconds with a big smile on their face knowing they had done their job. If the Dutch were guilty of anything it was naivety to Spanish cowardly tactics and frustration from them. Admittedly the flying kick from the Dutch was totally unacceptable but this was a response to yellow cards being handed out for every time a Spanish player decided to theatrically roll around on the floor.
If we look at Dutch football and there style it is similar to our own in that they play a physical game with lots of tackling. Because they play by the rules and don't dive and pretend to be injured on every tackle." -Dave, Farnham, UK (via Dailymail)

"Let me start by saying that Spain deserved to win the world cup. They were the best team throughout the tournament. Let me also say that Holland indeed played a very rough game.
However, Webb certainly shares some of the blame. Yes, van Bommel and De Jong should have been sent off for their horrible charges. But instead, Webb sends off Heitinga with two yellow cards when the first one was only a minor foul. He then forgets to send off Iniesta for his charge on Van Bommel and Puyol could also have been awarded his second yellow card for his tackle on Robben. All in all, it was the inconsistency with which Webb lead the game that annoyed the hell out of both the Dutch and Spanish supporters.
One of Webb's most crucial mistakes was not awarding holland a corner a few minutes before the end of the game. Instead, he gave Spain a goalkick which lead to Iniesta's goal. Whichever way you look at it, Webb had a very negative impact on the game." - Bill, Scarborough, UK (via Dailymail)

What do you think??

5 juli 2010


Yeeeeeeeey my exams are finally over!! I still have a lot to do for school this summer unfortunalety, but a lot of the pressure is gone =)

26th of June I went to a show of a dutch comedian; Jochem Myjer, 'De Rust Zelve' in Rotterdam. I enjoyed the show and even took a picture with him haha.

This was my outfit...

A lot of people were staring at my pants haha.. and some of them asked me where I bought it =)
Floral pants - H&M Garden Chic
White tee - H&M
Denim jacket - H&M Fashion Against Aids
Gladiator heels - Zara
Black sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarer
Peace sign necklace - local boutique

Rings - Zoppini, Fashionology
Watch - Casio


P.S. I've been interviewed by Isabel from Walk of Fashion and Tuesdai from A reflection by Tuesdai. Check it out if you like ;)

and I want to thank Meloentje for giving me the 'Sweet Blogger Award' !!
The winner of the CSN giveaway is Megan, Congratz!!