23 augustus 2010


I'm back from Albufeira, I had an amazing time.. this time =)
The food was great and the Portuguese were very kind..
Besides laying on the beach / in the sea and eating a lot... We also visited some caves, barbecued on the beach, saw some dolphins at see and in Zoomarine, did some shopping and we went to the casino in Vilamoura... Where I didn't win 27 million euros, unfortunately =P

The Malibu Fanta sucked in Albufeira, so I drank Long Island Ice Tea cocktails... A real killer!!

Karaoke, love it... but I suck at singing =)
Smile =D
Patrick was also in Albufeira ;P
I love dolphins!! Wish I had a little sea in my backyard filled with dolphins =)

Soon I'll show you the amazing shearling jacket I bought!!

9 augustus 2010


Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier


I need a perfect pair of red leather pants asap =)

7 augustus 2010


I'm back from Sardinia... never had so much going wrong during a holiday!!
First Meridiana airlines lost our baggage. After a few days we called Meridiana Airlines about the refund, but they were very rude and hung up several times... So we didn't know what to do =S
After 4 days waiting we could finally pick them up at airport Olbia. When I got there my suitcase still wasn't there!! They didn't know what went wrong and I wouldn't leave without my suitcase this time.. After waiting a while it turned out they switched my big red suitcase with a small red bag and my suitcase was on its way =S
It also turned out we had an impossible flight back.. We bought one ticket to Amsterdam, but we had to change from airplane in Venice with very little time. According to Meridiana this was impossible, they couldn't book us in their system, so we would miss our flight.. But KLM and Ebookers claimed it was possible. So we were calling and talking with all the companies, but they were all steadfast and none of them gave in.. So we were in the middle of it all and nobody was helping us out!!
Eventually we missed the flight in Venice because of the delay of the first flight and after a few hours of waiting and talking someone from airport Venice finally helped us; we got a new ticket for the next day, a night in a hotel and the transfer to it. Of course it had to go wrong again... they dropped us off at the wrong hotel in Venice and we had to pay the taxi ourselves to bring us to the right hotel.

All this drama for 1 week in Sardinia... I'll avoid Meridiana Airlines and Ebookers from now on!!
I'm especially really suprised and pissed because of the way Meridiana Airlines treated us, their customers.. So rude and with absolutely no respect at all, while it was their mistake and not ours!! We just called for some information...

Luckily I'll be leaving again next week to Albufeira (Portugal), I'm hoping this time everything will go smoothly =)

Here is an outfit with the very little things I had that week haha!

Multi coloured skirt - River Island
Black top - Bershka
Black sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarer

Hope you had/will have a great holdiday ;-)


6 augustus 2010


Erin Wasson
by David Mushegain


4 augustus 2010


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Varela LaMar if I wanted to introduce her and show some pictures of her collection.

For Fashion Week Panama, Nixia presented a 35-piece Varela LaMar collection of women's evening and formal wear. In this collection the designer incorporated the theme of Panama Canal bridge design into her pieces.

P.S. New outfit post is coming soon =)