30 september 2010


I know Autumn started, but I refuse to accept =P
These pictures were taken a while ago... Another summer outfit will come after this post and after these posts my Autumn can officially start ;)

Pink blazer - Topshop; Denim dress - H&M; Black suede heels - Friis Company; Blue Sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarer; Heart necklaces - Fossil, Vintage 


P.S. FROM NOW ON MY BLOG WILL BE AVAILABLE ON WWW.FASHIONNICOTINE.COM, so please change my link on your site, blogroll or what so ever. Thank you =)

25 september 2010


Since I work 5 days a week, I have no time to go to the city and shop all day... So it feels extra good when I can go shopping or when I place a big order at online shops like Topshop =)
Can't wait for it to arrive!!


P.S. At the moment fashionnicotine.blogspot.com is transferring to fashionnicotine.com, so it's possible you can experience some trouble following/commenting. I hope it will be solved soon!
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Enjoy your weekend!

20 september 2010


Hello sweet readers!

At the moment I'm staying in Veldhoven for a training for my work. Thought I would be able to update from here, but it looks like I'm in the middle of nowhere! There is like no internet at all; no internet in my room and the internet & connection on my mobile is also not working properly... Frustrating!
I'll be back this Thursday!


16 september 2010


Sometimes when I feel afraid, I think of what a mess I've made of my life
Crying over my mistakes, forgetting all the breaks I've had in my life
Funny how a lonely day can make a person say
What good is my life?
Funny how a breaking heart, can make me start to say
What good is my life?
Funny how I often seem to think I'll find another dream in my life
Till I look around and see
This is my life, today, tomorrow, love will come and find me
But that's the way that I was born to be
This is me, this is me, this is my life
Let me live, let me live...

Shirley Bassey

Remember the intro of Sex and the City? How could you not remember =P I remembered and got inspired by Carrie's ballerina skirt!

Black leather dress - H&M
Ballerina skirt - Lipsy
Black leather boots - Zara
Leather bangle  - Friis Company

Xx. Natascha

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the previous posts!!

13 september 2010


Summer holiday in the Netherlands is over... everybody has gone back to school or work and I can't wait for the next summer holiday to start! I love summer and I love holidays, I always feel sad when it's over.. back to reality. Let's hope the weather stays as beautiful as last saturday and let fall begin at the end of October or not at all =D

Here are some pictures from my -not so relaxing- holiday in Sardinia. Still waiting for Meridiana Airlines to fix it...

 Black top - Bershka
Baggy shorts - Topshop
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Aviator


9 september 2010


Finally an outfit post again ;-)
I have to work 5 days a week now and besides that I've a lot of work for school.
So I'll only have the weekends to make pictures of my outfits... Hope you understand!

Light blue denim jacket - Levi's DIY
Black & white striped maxidress - H&M
Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana
Jewelry - Fashionology, Zoppini, H&M, no brands

Lately I've been having my black, white & light blue denim period again.. So be aware ;)


6 september 2010


Wedges are still my favourites! I know some of them are from last season, but I can't help it... still love them!!
Beau Coops - Asos - River Island - Finsk

Which one is your favourite?

2 september 2010

1 september 2010


Last Thursday I went to the opening of the Monki store in Amsterdam, I really enjoyed the cocktails, cupcakes, great music and of course the collection!
The store looked great and was suprisingly big! I have to go back asap to do some serious shopping!
 ^Picture by Joyce
^Picture by Joyce

 I also met a lot of other bloggers like Jony, Debbie, Merve, Roos-Anne, Joyce, Robine and Cindy at the Monki party. It was nice to meet you, you were all very kind!