31 oktober 2010


I remember buying this jacket... It cost me a fortune at that time (4,5 years ago), I went to the store everyday to check if it was still there and to see if I'd still love it. I did and after 2 months saving I finally went to the store to buy it!! A saleswoman told me I was the first one to buy that jacket, everybody loved that jacket but thought it was too expensive... Gosh I was so happy & proud when I left the store with this jacket!! I couldn't throw the jacket away year after year and now after 4,5 years I'm glad I didn't! Still love the jacket!

Military jacket // Diesel
Printed dress // H&M
Grey tie dye leggings // Primark
Ankle boots // Topshop
Necklaces // no brand, www.fashionology.nl
Rings // Zoppini, Leviticus, Ebay

Xx. Natascha

28 oktober 2010


The winter sucks, because I can't make any outfit pictures during the week! It's dark when I leave my house in the morning and it's also dark when I come home in the evening... every single day. It sucks! This is also the reason why I'm showing you some pictures that were taken a while ago. And well it was about time I showed my aviator jacket!
I bought this jacket during my summer holiday in Albufeira and I think some people must have thought I was retarded or something. I was walking.. ahum skipping around in the store and saying: "OMG, OMG, OMG I need this jacket" over and over. Gosh I was so happy when I found it, the love made me blind at that moment because I think I've worn this jacket twice since. If this jacket was black, a bit longer and... just totally different it would have been just perfect for me though! Don't get me wrong I still think the jacket is great, but I don't know.. it's just not me somehow.
I hope the weather won't suck this saturday, because I need to make some pictures asap!


Green jeans, nude silk blouse, leather aviator jacket, wedges // Zara
Aviator sunglasses // Ray Ban

P.S. Dear Summer, would you please come back asap?!

26 oktober 2010



I'm kinda obsessed with leopard print lately. I'm trying to hunt down the perfect leopard mini skirt and a leopard bag, then I'll have a little bit of everything in leopard!


22 oktober 2010


Yeaah my first cover haha! I won the Fashionista II contest at Mode Republic, totally unexpected! I'll try to post an outfit soon!

Xx. Natascha 

20 oktober 2010


Shoes // River Island

Yeah you're witnessing my 101th post!! It's been a year since I started blogging and I've already experienced some great things because of it, so I won't be leaving any time soon ;)
To celebrate... No just because I needed them =P I bought these new shoes!! I love them!!

While shopping last monday after an exam at school I got sick in a H&M store in Amsterdam, I went to a fitting room and sat an hour there hoping it would stop. But it didn't, it actually got worse... At one point it felt like my head was going ot explode, I could stand up, I was shaking, nauseous, airless as if I was going to faint and I couldn't speak audible. Eventually my mother -who called me on the phone- convinced me to open the door and hold an employee, I waved and said I felt sick and needed a pill... But since I couldn't speak properly he misunderstood and told his manager that I got sick because of a pill (drugs) haha. They brought me to their canteen to wait for my dad who had to come to Amsterdam to pick me up. God I felt so terrible and also ashamed, but luckily I didn't puke on their clothes... I did it in my parents car =D

Xx. Natascha

18 oktober 2010



So here it is... my outfit to the launch of JUST2D for Bagsac last wednesday!  
It's already getting cold in Holland, so I was really glad with this faux fur coat from Topshop! But after wearing it for 10 minutes I wasn't so happy with it anymore... There was more faux fur on my pants than on the jacket =P No really it was a lot and every 5 minutes I could clean my pants, so annoying!! Too bad, because I loved the coat! Any grandma tips & tricks to avoid the moulting of this coat?

Faux fur coat - Topshop
Grey tee - H&M
Denim waistcoat - Levi's DIY
Black treggings - Topshop
Grey wedges - H&M
Cross necklaces - no brand and Fashionology
Rings - Leviticus, Fashionology and Zoppini


16 oktober 2010



Last wednesday I went to the launch of JUST2D for bagsac in Amsterdam, this time Debbie joined me. I had a great time with her and of course I also enjoyed the launch. 
Jewelry designer Jurgen Hoskens from JUST2D and Nanda Hofman from Bagsac joined forces and made a limited edition collection of bags. Models presented the bags to the audience in a show on the catwalk and after the show some dutch celebrities like Daphne Deckers, Kim Holland, Thijs Willekes and Pia Douwes tried to raise some money for charity. They all filled a bag with special items and these bags went up for auction, at the end they collected €5.715  for the Sandra Reemer Foundation.
Afterwards you could get some champagne and chips and at the end we also got a goodiebag with a great leather clutch in it! The launch was organized very well, it was nice to be there..

This limited edition JUST2D for bagsac line will be in stores from October 2010. Prices will range from € 34.95 to € 89.95, you can look at www.bagsac.nl to find the nearest store.

I'll post some pictures of the outfit I was wearing to the launch later...


P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures, it was quite dark in there..

15 oktober 2010


Printed dress - H&M
Black suede / patent heels - H&M Divided exclusive

These pictures were taken before I went to the hairdresser, but I have to say my hair gets lighter every time I wash my hair... Now it's already dark blonde, while it was very brown at the beginning =)
Nuff said about my hair! I really like the black and white effect with this outfit, I love the print...

12 oktober 2010


Just ordered this jumpsuit from LnA, I hope it will fit me because there was only one size left!
I was also looking for some items from T by Alexander Wang, but I couldn't find the items I was looking for in my size... but I will hunt them down muahaha ;)

LnA - Delta pocket jumpsuit


9 oktober 2010


I went to the hairdresser last week; in the morning I was blonde, then red/brown by accident and at the end brown with a little blonde... still getting used to it. She also needed to cut 15 centimeters off, which I hate since my hair grows like really, really slow! I'm so jealous every time I see someone with gorgeous full hair =P
You always want what you don't have... I want this!


7 oktober 2010


Do you love UGGs, but just can't or won't afford the popular but expensive ones from UGG Australia?! I found out there are alternative brands of genuine UGG boots, like Whooga...

Michael from Whooga contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in trying Whooga UGGs and give my honest opinion about them. I used to be a big fan of UGG Australia boots and I still love the comfort UGG boots give so of course I would! The boots arrived very quick and the packaging looked really great... But the first thing I wanted to do was compare them with my other UGG boots from UGG Australia and so I did...
My first impression was that they looked exactly the same (except the logo of course) and the seam finishing was great! The only thing different was the sheepskin, maybe because they use merino fleece...  It was a bit more rough and it smelled weird at first, but after wearing them for a while the weird smell was gone and the sheepskin was already softer.
A good thing to point out is that although Whooga is an Australian company, they do manufacture and ship directly from China. But don't freak out as you might know most authentic UGG boots from UGG Australia are also made in China.

However I do believe that the quality from UGG Australia is better but overall if you want to buy UGGs just be aware that there are alternatives for UGG Australia. If you want to spend less on UGG boots but don't want your UGGs to fall apart after wearing them a couple of times, I'd recommend to buy UGGs from Whooga... I love mine!

 UGGs // Whooga
Blue jeggings // DIY
B/W striped shirt // Zara
Grey Vest // H&M
Necklace // H&M Divided
Ring // Zoppini

Xx. Natascha