31 december 2010

2010 || RECAP.

Previously on Fashion Nicotine...
(I always wanted to say that haha)

These are some of my favourite outfits I posted through 2010...
2010 wasn't a great year for me but also not my worse, I hope 2011 will bring me all the luck in the world because I'm ready for it haha! I already bought a ticket to win the lottery (first time I did!), so I hope to start 2011 as a millionaire haha! My biggest wish for 2011 is to graduate and finally say goodbye for good to this terrible study I chose, gosh what a mistake I made 4 years ago! After that I wanna focus on something new, fresh and exciting... Not sure what that exactly will be though.

Enough about me, let's talk about you! You guys are the best readers in the world and I wanna thank you for following me and commenting on my posts! Although I can't always find the time to comment back, please do know I appreciate it a lot! I wanna wish you all a fabulous, rockin', healthy en most important a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Love, kisses and best wishes,

P.S. I just saw I reached the 800 followers through GFC, thank you guys!! Great way to start 2011 huh?!

28 december 2010


How was your Christmas? I hope you enjoyed the food, the time with your family and the presents you got! I enjoyed Christmas, but I wonder if I still fit in my jeans after these days with loads of food! I didn't get any presents though, only the flu haha. I wanted to make some outfit pictures today, but since I can barely walk that wasn't really an option! I decided to dedicate a post to my craving for leopard bags, I've been hunting them down for a while now and I can't get these four fabulous bags out of my mind. Only problem is... my bank account won't let me buy them! Which one is your favourite (if money wasn't a issue)?

Xx. Natascha

25 december 2010


Cindy and me
Charlie's Bloggers; Jony, Joyce & Claudia

These pictures were taken at the River Island VIP Press Evening! Every time we meet it's always fun. I hope next year will bring even more fashion events where we can meet! In the mean time I have to get ready to celebrate christmas with my family. I wanna wish all my fabulous followers and readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy all the food, presents and quality time with your family!



23 december 2010


^ picture by Samantha

Here are the promised pictures of the River Island Spring / Summer 2011 collection! Besides having fun with all the other bloggers, enjoying some champagne, great music and eating delicious snacks, I also got to see the SS2011 collection. I already spotted some of my favourite items and I'm totally digging the leopard look on the mannequin! What do you think of this preview?


BTW I didn't buy anything with my voucher yet, but next week I'll be visiting River Island again =)

21 december 2010


2 sheer oversized blouses (black under, blue top) - H&M Divided // Leather pants - Zara // Leopard wedges - Ebay // Large cross necklace - fashionology.nl

Last week I was invited to see the new SPRING / SUMMER 11 collection from River Island. It was almost like a private blogger party, I had a great time with all these lovely dutch bloggers: Jony, Debbie, Joyce, Robine, Cindy, Ilanka, Samantha, Merve, Puck and Claudia! A special thanks goes out to Oona PR for inviting me and to River Island for the fabulous evening and for spoiling us with a € 100 River Island voucher!! I will show you the RI SS11 collection and other pictures soon!! 


19 december 2010


Those who follow me on twitter know I was craving for 6 coats, but I already own lots of coats & jackets and when I bought the aviator jacket from Zara I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy anymore coats this year... Well I failed, I bought these 4 coats and I'm actually thinking of buying the other 2 coats I was craving for as well. That's the thing when I try to control my shopping manners,; one month I succeed in buying very less and the following month I'm losing it and I buy twice as much... Will I ever learn?!

Brown fur coat - ASOS // Leopard fur coat - ASOS // Blue & red cape - ASOS // Intastia cape - SuperTrash

Which one is your favourite?

Love, Natascha

17 december 2010


Have you ever heard of can't go naked? Well I didn't before, but after taking a look on their website I found four gorgeous bags which you can see in the image I made! I love the petrol colour, but they also have other colours and bags. You can see them on www.cantgonaked.com!
Can't go naked stands for pure shapes & clean lines combined with sustainable & intelligent design. The bags can be worn in different ways. MirablauDesign gave me the opportunity to give 8 of my followers a 20% discount voucher! Do you want to get your hands on a can't go naked bag with 20% discount? Email me and I will immediately sent the voucher code to you!


13 december 2010


headband - DIY // faux leather & suede jacket - OH MY FROCK // Eagle shirt - Dept Denim Department // Black jeans - Topshop // Black leather boots - ASOS // Silver moon necklace - Fashionology

I received a lot of compliments on this jacket and also the question where I got the jacket... The leather jacket from the preview and this post is from OH MY FROCK, a dynamic and passionate online fashion store. You can understand I was very delighted when Chiu from OH MY FROCK gave me the opportunity to choose my favourite item, they sell great fashion items with a nice twist... Perfect additions to my closet, but this leather jacket was definitely my favourite! It's so original; I love the mix of leather and suede, the asymmetric zip fastening and the different ways you can wear the collar. You can get it here with 20% discount at the moment!


10 december 2010


faux leather & suede jacket - OH MY FROCK // Rolling stones shirt - Amplified

I'll show you an outfit with this jacket soon, so stay tuned if you want to see more!

6 december 2010


How to make leather shorts in less than 5 minutes!! All you need is a pair of vintage leather pants in the colour you prefer and scissors.

I bought these red leather pants on Ebay, if you can't find them today you'll probably find them tomorrow.

1. I cut the pants a few centimeters above my knee.

2. I folded the bottom like 10 centimeters inwards, in order to create cuffs in the next step.

3. I folded 5 centimeters out; et voilĂ  leather shorts with cuffs!
The leather is quite thick and therefore stable enough to stay folded. If the leather is thinner or if you want to be sure that the cuffs stay this way, you can always sew them to the pants.

Good luck!


1 december 2010


Red blazer // Classiques Entier
Grey tee // Enza Costa
2 side leather pants // H&M
Red heels // H&M
Jewelry // Fashionology, Zoppini, H&M

An outfit from last Sunday, when there wasn't any snow yet... 
I love the touch of red from this season, still looking for the perfect red leather pants... but they are impossible to find!! Yeah I know the ones from Balmain are perfection, but I can't afford those... Unfortunately!!