15 augustus 2011


One of the greatest shows to attend during AIFW was definitely the 'Brazilian Summer flavours' show from Hunkemöller. Sexy & flirty girls showing the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection in a double show; seductive lingerie and exotic beachwear. Everything was just right; the collection, the performing & the looks of the models and the final with Kim Feenstra during Beyonce's "Run the World" song. Not to mention the music and atmosphere during the show, I just wanted get off my ass and dance. I also added a video to give you guys a better impression and you can also see me sitting frontrow with and thanks to Debbie at 1.25!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Fabulous lingerie & swimwear xoxo

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  2. vrouwelijk en vrolijk... ziet eruit als mijn ding! leuk dat je erbij was!

  3. cute cute


  4. Sexy & cute at the same time, I like! The dark girl in the movie has amazing, endless legs wow. Cool you sat frontrow, hope to experience such a thing once in my life as well! xoxo

  5. Great photos :)


  6. Wat een mooie collectie zeg, die blauwe bikini is mooi!


  7. Hahahahah hilarisch dat we er ook echt een halve seconde in voorkomen :p


  8. Liefde voor Kim Feenstra! <3

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