31 januari 2011


I know it's about time for a new blogpost, but I was gone for the weekend to attend Amsterdam International Fashion Week and I had no time to make any posts because I couldn't get out of bed after the SuperTrash afterparty muahaha. Gosh I had so much fun with other the bloggers again & it was great to watch the shows in real life! I couldn't attend all the shows because I wasn't invited or I had to work, but it really was a dream come true for me!! So if the PR agencies or marketing managers read this... thank you for the invitations!!

28 januari 2011


Black zipper jumpsuit - LnA // grey cardigan & leopard tee - H&M // black croco wedges - River Island // purple chunky stone ring - Ydeltuyt // silver nails - Blixz

So here is the outfit from the preview. I really love this jumpsuit from LnA, it has great details like the pocket on the breast and the zippers in front & on the back (not shown)... Only the annoying thing is that you totally have to undress yourself when you have to pee haha! But hey I'll survive ;)

The items showed in the preview post weren't new buys btw, I already bought them back in September / October. Maybe you can get the black River Island wedges via Asos?! The beige version of these are now available in the River Island stores, so I suggest you run to the store as soon as possible if you want them ;)


27 januari 2011


Everybody can wear a total black look, but have you ever seen somebody rock a total red look like Miroslava Duma? That woman is ah-ma-zing on so many levels!!

Amsterdam International Fashion Week officially started today!! I'll be there this weekend, are you going?
The big question is... WHAT TO WEAR?!

Xx. Katasha (Starbucks gave me a new name haha)

25 januari 2011



22 januari 2011


Don't you just love it when you receive a package like this?! It really felt like I was getting a present and who doesn't wanna get a present, even if it's from your own huh?! I think it's a really great service that My Wardrobe offers!

I'm always on the hunt for some perfect basic tees, this time I bought three basic tees from Forrest & Bob. The perfect tees to throw over your bikini in summer or underneath a cool blazer. I must say they are very sheer and they run a bit small, so I'm glad I ordered two sizes up because they fit perfectly now; not too wide nor too tight! They are now for sale at My Wardrobe and only cost € 12 or € 21,60, so get your hands on them quickly before they're out of stock again! 
This is a fine price for these tees. I also own two T by Alexander Wang shirts and I'm not too happy with those shirts; you pay € 90 but you get the quality of a € 20 worthy shirt, that really pisses me off!
Don't get me wrong, because I love Alexander Wang's collection but I believe the price/quality ratio of those shirts is absolutely wrong! You obviously pay just for the brand and not the quality... in my opinion.


17 januari 2011


Grey sweater - Mango // Red leather shorts - DIY // Earring - H&M

This time I made some pictures inside, because the wind almost blew me away. These are the shorts from the DIY post from a while ago, If you want to try out this DIY too I suggest you sew the cuffs to the pants because I have been folding them back all day. 

I've been listening to rolling in the deep from Adele all saturday and I'm still not sick of it. It was actually the version from Kim de Boer (The Voice of Holland) I was listening to. I really hope she will win this friday, but I think crowd favorite Ben Saunders will be the winner of TVOH. Too bad Lenny Keylard is already out, I loved his performances! So dutchies, who do you think is going to win TVOH this year?


13 januari 2011


RedSofa by Joanna Szkiela

I wouldn't mind if these were growing around my fingers!

10 januari 2011


I'm sorry sweet readers, this giveaway is only for my readers from Belgium so I'll write this post in dutch. Next giveaway will be worldwide again, I promise!

Ik heb veel positieve reacties op m'n metallic zilveren nagels gekregen en velen vroegen zich af waar de nagelfolie te krijgen is. Ik vind het daarom ook erg leuk dat ik van Kanters Haarcosmetica en Nagelstyling de mogelijkheid heb gekregen om 10 Blixz Toolkits + Blixz Designs aan mijn lezers uit BelgiĆ« weg te geven.

Ik vind de nagelfolies zelf helemaal geweldig en het is ook nog eens heel makkelijk aan te brengen, het geeft een mooi resultaat en blijft lang zitten! Mijn nagelfolie zit er nu al 12 dagen op en ziet er nog als nieuw uit.

- Volg FashionNicotine met google-friend-connect of bloglovin.
- Schrijf een reactie met daarin je naam en emailadres, zodat ik contact op kan nemen met de winnaars.
- Geef ook in je reactie aan welke van de 200 designs jij graag wilt winnen(ga naar deze
link en kies je favoriete design uit).
- Vermeld ook de link van je blogpost of tweet wanneer je deze giveaway promoot op je blog of twitteraccount.

- De giveaway is alleen open voor inwoners van Belgiƫ.
- Je kan je kans vergroten (+2 aanmeldingen) door deze giveaway te promoten op je eigen blog of twitteraccount. Vergeet dit niet in je reactie te vermelden a.u.b. 
- De giveaway sluit op maandag 17 januari 2011 om 23.59.
- De winnaars worden gekozen via random.org
Kanters Haarcosmetica en Nagelstyling zal de Blixz setjes direct naar de winnaars versturen.

Good luck!

Are you dying to get these en kun je niet wachten? Dan hebben we nog een andere actie voor je!

Op vertoon van dit artikel in de winkel of door het vermelden van de link van dit artikel in een email, kun je bij Kanters Haarcosmetica en Nagelstyling Blixz Blisters voor slecht € 5 (incl. BTW & verzendkosten) aanschaffen!!

Deze actie is geldig tot en met 31 maart 2011 bij
Kanters Haarcosmetica en Nagelstyling - Heikant, 21 - 3930 Achel - Tel. : 011/64.12.89 - Fax : 011/66.37.11 - e-mail : info@kanters.be 

7 januari 2011


brown faux fur coat - asos // grey tee - enza costa // black leather shorts - vintage // black suede wedges - topshop // overknee socks - local market // bird skull necklace - fashionology

As promised the outfit from the preview. Last week I went to the hairdresser to get the OMBRE hair look, I thought of going back to dye my roots darker but I think I'll let it stay this way. Can't believe I'm writing this post at 3.30 in the morning =\ I'm going to rush to my bed now! Xx. 

6 januari 2011


These are my new buys from Urban Outfitters! I've been craving for these shoes for 3 months, they were always out of stock... But not tonight!! So I bought them after trying to checkout at UO for 7 times -what a crappy site- with a nice discount, let's hope they will fit me like a glove!


5 januari 2011


A preview of the upcoming outfit post and I picture of my metallic silver nails, I'm totally loving this!! People around me are also like WTF where did you get that?! Are you digging them too? Well stay tuned if you're Belgian, because there is a special giveaway coming up for my readers from Belgium!


3 januari 2011


I want to share my favourite blog with you; ORACLE FOX! I discovered it about 2 weeks ago and I couldn't stop clicking through the next pages, I immediately fell in love with her style. What a fantastic style!! When I saw her post with the silver jacket and the top with the bats, I was saying OMG out loud all the time... PERFECTION! Not to mention her post with the knitted shorts!! Ok, I'll stop talking now and please take a look at her fabulous blog, it's so worth it!! Let me know what you think.

Xx. Natascha

By the way I just made a TUMBLR account, check it out if you like ;)