30 juni 2011


Pink blazer - Topshop (old) // Chanel tee - Romwe // Leather pants & black pointy heels - Zara

One day your melting in the sun and the next day your freezing in the rain... That's the weather in The Netherlands!! I don't mind actually because I'm stuck behind my laptop trying to write my thesis and doing research for Barcelona. I had a job interview this morning concerning a parttime job in Barcelona and I got it. Everything is arranged now, I'm counting the days until my departure... Mixed feelings, I hate saying goodbye but I also can't wait to get the hell outta here!
I finally succeeded in curling my hair with a straightener! I don't know why my hair has so much trouble with curly hair styles, the other times my hair just stayed straight and I didn't do anything else! Unruly hair... After my job interview I made some time for a new outfit post, meet one of my favourite tees at the moment! I know it's been a while; time flies, but where does it go? Must be a part of getting older! Speaking of getting older; it's my Birthday this Saturday, I'm turning 23 but I decided I'm turning 18 ;)

27 juni 2011


Waistcoat - DIY // Girls in Glasses shirt - Danny Roberts // Shorts - Levi's vintage // All stars - Converse // Wooden cross necklace - no brand 
Don't know what to do with your old blazers? Make a waistcoat! Simply take an oversized blazer and remove the sleeves. A great way to spice up your festival outfit and it's that easy! I also stitched the armholes for a neat finish, but that isn't always necessary depending on the style you prefer and the fabric. 

21 juni 2011


Leather jacket - Rick Owens // Grey knitted top - Topshop // Black leather bag - Rebecca Minkoff // Bronze slave bracelets - unknown via fashiolista // Black cutoff shorts - One Teaspoon // Red platforms - Christian Louboutin // Tortoise sunglasses - Balenciaga

I'm madly in love with this leather jacket from Rick Owens!! If I ever win the lottery a leather jacket from Rick Owens will be the first item I'm getting, but until then one can only hope... Fashiolista is hosting a contest at the moment and I'm joining. Since I'm not going on a summer holiday due to my moving to Barcelona plans, I could really use a short summer holiday in Lisbon. I made a list with 10 items I'd like to wear in Lisbon and it contains items from the outfit above. Would you please be so kind and vote for me by 'liking' my Lisbon list on facebook?! Thanks a million!!


17 juni 2011


ILFN launched a special blogger page where you can find all sorts of fashion and beauty bloggers. Funny thing; my picture is next to Rumi from Fashiontoast, who together with Lisa from Lisaplace inspired me to start my own blog!! Check it out and let them know if any blog is missing.

16 juni 2011


A while ago I found this amazing DIY on HonestlyWTF and I decided to try it out myself. It was my intention to make a bracelet with different sizes of hex nuts but that made it look sloppy, so I made them both with only small hex nuts. I still have some hex nuts left, so maybe I'll try to make a necklace with the hex nuts in different sizes. 
Here is what you need:
- 3 strands of twine (I only wanted to use leather -which was a little more difficult to find- but you can also use cotton twine etc.)
- 18 small brass hex nuts in the colour you prefer
Hold the 3 strands together and make a knot about 3 centimeters from the top, then start braiding. After 3 centimeter or more -depending on the total length you prefer- you start adding the hex nuts to the braiding process. Pull the left strand through a hex nut and turn it over the strand in the middle, then do the same with the right strand and repeat this with the 16 other hex nuts. When you're finished with adding the hex nuts you braid what's left of the strands until about 3 centimers from te bottom and make a knot.
E voilà braided hex nut bracelets!
For a more detailed description you can go here

14 juni 2011


Yellow blazer - River Island // Black & white striped tee - Zara // Black acid jeans - Pull and Bear // All stars - Converse // Bracelets - Philippe Audibert, Casio watch, Ti sento and no brand // Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana

Last monday Living Social launched in The Netherlands and they introduced us with it's activities while enjoying a delicious breakfast at restaurant Witteveen in Amsterdam! You can find great deals in your city at LivingSocial. Afterwards I went to Noordermarkt & Waterloopplein for some vintage shopping in Amsterdam. Didn't find the perfect Levi's shorts -so that hunt is still on-, but I did find some other nice items which I'll show you soon. When I came home I noticed my yellow blazer was totally ripped at my elbows / arms. Bummer, I hope River Island is willing to fix this since I only worn it twice!

5 juni 2011


Earrings - House of Harlows 1960 // Wedges - via fashiolista // Crochet top - Topshop // Necklace - Pamela Love // Guadalajara shorts - Planet Blue // Tan suede fringed poncho - Little Soho // Waistcoat - Matthew Williamson // Leather bag - Asos // Aztec jumper - Topshop

Aztec knuckle ring - Forever21 // Coral fringe sandals - Asos // Feather shirt - Modekungen // Leather fringe skirt - Isabel Marant // Feather necklace - Christian Dior

I'm currently a little obsessed with aztec prints or inspirations and with all the festivals coming up I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite finds. I'm in love with the Christian Dior necklace and the Isabel Marant skirt! Which item is your favourite?

1 juni 2011


Camel suede jacket, crochet top, turtoise sunnies and Levi's shorts - Vintage
Some of my latest vintage finds put together in an outfit. I'm actually wearing it today, but I already discovered the jacket is just too big and I might need to sell it... Such a bummer, because I love everything about this jacket. Actually happens to me a lot when I buy vintage online; it's always too big, too small or too smelly! It's time to go to some real vintage shops in Amsterdam!